LIFe with God: July 29

Posted on July 29, 2010


John 20

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What is the significance of Jesus’ statement “Go to My brothers and tell them that I am ascending to My Father and your Father–to My God and your God”? Why weren’t the disciples expecting Jesus to have risen from the dead? what is significant about the way Thomas responds to Jesus upon seeing Him? What is Jesus’ repeated encouragement to His followers?


How does my life show others the power of Christ and His resurrection a) through the death of a loved one and b) through anxious and tumultuous times? When Jesus reveals Himself to me in various ways, how do I respond? Am I surprised, or do I expect Him to do mighty things? Does the resurrection of Christ and the coming resurrection of all believers resonate vibrantly through my lifestyle and worship?


Pray today’s Scripture back to God:
Dear Heavenly Father, What a glorious event is recorded for us in today’s passage! Though circumstances were at their darkest and most fearful, Jesus Christ, Your One and Only unique Son burst forth in glorious life and light from the grave! Death and the tomb could not hold Him! Jesus, let me not be like Mary, who seeing the empty grave assumed Your body had simply been stolen or moved by evil men, but may I ever be like John who saw and believed. As I read this passage, I declare it: I BELIEVE! You HAD to rise from the dead, just as Scripture predicted. I thank You that by Your death and resurrection, I am Your brother, Your Father is my Father, and Your God is my God. May I rest in Your peace and never live in fear of what the world can do to me. Breathe Your Spirit on me, I pray, and strengthen me to follow His leading every day. Remove any doubts that may linger or insert themselves in my mind. I renounce them and declare that You are my Lord and my God! I believe these things that were written so that I may believe that You are the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing I have life in Your Name. Amen!

Spend some time praying for the following people and ministries.

  • Pat & Hannah Kelley
  • Fred & Shirley Leonard
  • Mark & Michelle Morgan (Cody, Kyle)
  • Michael Morgan


  • Provenance
  • Genesis World Mission


  • That we will devote ourselves to prayer, individually, in small groups, and as a church.

Pray to BLESS!
One good way to pray for people is to use the acronym BLESS to pray for God’s blessing on every area of their lives:

  • B – BODY (physical health)
  • L – Labor (their job or school)
  • E – Emotions (emotional health as well as guarding against letting emotions rule)
  • S – Social (relationships with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, church, etc)
  • S – Spiritual (remaining true to God and growing in Him)

He saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit – Titus 3:5

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