January 10 – The Gift of God’s Word

Posted on January 10, 2011

In the last several installments of this column, I’ve been talking about God’s precious gifts to us: the gift of God’s peace, the gift of God’s joy, the gift of God’s love. And in my most recent article, I wrote about how, too often, the gift of God goes unclaimed. Today, I want to talk about another oft-neglected gift, the gift of God’s Word.

In our time in this country, we have access to the Word of God as no people in the history of the world. Right now I have a whole bookshelf with nothing but Bibles in many different translations. I have a roomful of commentaries, handbooks, teaching books, etc on the Bible and biblical theology. On my computer I have several different programs that each contain multiple Bible translations, Bible commentaries, and Bible dictionaries. In addition, the Internet has sites like www.studylight.org and www.biblegateway.com that offer unlimited access to a myriad of Bible translations in many different languages (including English!), and a virtual library of study helps. Yet, in this country and in this age where the Bible is more accessible than ever before, Christians seem to be more biblically illiterate than ever before. How can this be?

It has been said that what costs little is regarded little. I believe that is all too true. Just as there are people all over the world who would be in ecstasy to receive the scraps of food we throw away after a meal, so there are many who would be in jubilation to receive even a tiny percentage of the vast access we have to God’s Word. We are so accustomed to easy access to the complete canon that we take it for granted. “I’ll get to it tomorrow, or when I have some time over the weekend,” we say to ourselves. And the Bible remains on our shelf, gathering dust, or on our computer, un-accessed. Because it so readily available, we treat it as of little importance. We take it for granted.

Dear friends in Christ, it is high time we reevaluate our priorities and our view of the inspired Scriptures! Our God, King, Creator, Provider and Savior has seen fit to give us unlimited access to HIS WORD! He WANTS us to feed on it, to be nurtured and encouraged by it, to be strengthened and equipped by it, to grow in it, to know Him better and have a deeper relationship with us through it! How DARE we neglect so great a gift? How can we not cherish it with overflowing thankfulness and overwhelming humility?

I want to challenge and encourage us to make 2011 the year when we begin to TRULY cherish and assimilate the Word of God. Let’s agree together to revere it and to spend time with it every day, studying and OBEYING it! If you need some help in getting started and staying discipled, subscribe to “LIFe with God” on our website. Every morning from Monday to Saturday you will receive a devotional in your email (Saturday and Sunday come together in one message). There is a passage of Scripture to read (taking us through the New Testament in one year), with some observation questions (bringing out key points in the passage) and some application questions (helping to apply the truths of the day to our lives). There is also a daily pray list and a weekly memory verse. It is so easy, you may be tempted to just put it on the back burner and tell yourself you’ll get it to it later, but for heaven’s sake and for your own sake, don’t do that! COMMIT to being disciplined and consistent, asking God to help you keep your commitment. Follow through on that commitment, and watch God do great things in your spiritual life this year!

Ken Eden sent me a link to a powerful video of a remote third world village receiving the Bible in their own language for the first time. Click on the link below to watch the video (it’s less than ten minutes long). Then pray about your regard for the Bible, asking God to give you a heart that cherishes and absorbs it!



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