LIFe with God: December 12, 2013

Posted on December 12, 2013


Lamentations 2

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What caused God to be so angry with Israel and mete out such devastating judgment? What is Jeremiah’s instruction to the people in such a desperate time (18-19)?


Do I recognize that even though the sins of the redeemed are forgiven in the scope of eternity, they can have very dire consequences in this life? Do I seek the Lord in mourning and repentance without rest when I have sinned?


Dear Father, What a sad and terrifying scene is described in this chapter. May I never stray so far from You as to require the kind of discipline doled out in this passage. Help me to remember to seek You earnestly in good times and bad, in times of blessing and chastising, and to seek You in heartfelt repentance when I have sinned. I ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Pray to BLESS!
One good way to pray for people is to use the acronym BLESS to pray for God’s blessing on every area of their lives:

  • B – BODY (physical health)
  • L – Labor (their job or school)
  • E – Emotions (emotional health as well as guarding against letting emotions rule)
  • S – Social (relationships with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, church, etc)
  • S – Spiritual (remaining true to God and growing in Him)

Spend some time praying for the following people and ministries:

  • Fred & Shirley Leonard
  • Tris & Chris Miller
  • Mark & Michelle Morgan (Cody, Kyle)
  • Michael & Jenn Morgan


  • Christian Pro-Life Ministries in Idaho (Idaho Chooses Life, Stanton Health Care, etc)


  • That we will devote ourselves to prayer, individually, in small groups, and as a church.

Community: Pray for the poor & imprisoned

  • Salvation
  • That they will trust in God’s provision
  • For sound financial management by city officials
  • That they will have hope
  • For godly mentors in the prison/jail system

Know that the LORD has set apart the faithful for Himself; the LORD will hear when I call to Him. – Psalm 4:3 (HCSB)

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