LIFe with God: May 12, 2018

Posted on May 12, 2018


Revelation 2

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What was Jesus’ rebuke for the church at Ephesus? What was His praise for the church at Smyrna? For what are both the church in Pergamum and the church in Thyatira rebuked by Jesus?


Am I doing good works out of a heart of love or from another motive? Do I endure persecution and difficulty faithfully? Do I allow sexual immorality in my life?


Pray today’s Scripture back to God:
Lord God, I believe Jesus knows my works, good and bad. I ask that I would return to my first love for Him and obey Him from a heart of love. Help me to endure faithfully for You, no matter what the circumstances, knowing that I cannot be harmed by the second death. Help me not to tolerate sexual immorality in my thoughts, attitudes, or actions. May I be like those at Thyatira who did not hold to teaching that justified such behavior, but stood firmly for the righteousness that comes through hearing and obeying Your Word by faith. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Pray to BLESS!
One good way to pray for people is to use the acronym BLESS to pray for God’s blessing on every area of their lives:

  • B – BODY (physical health)
  • L – Labor (their job or school)
  • E – Emotions (emotional health as well as guarding against letting emotions rule)
  • S – Social (relationships with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, church, etc)
  • S – Spiritual (remaining true to God and growing in Him)

Spend some time praying for the following people and ministries.

  • Chris & DeAnn Smith (Sasha, Noah, Gavin, Natalie)
  • Janet Sonnenberg
  • Dave & Debbie Spears
  • Justin & Bonnie Wilkerson (Janae, Jordan)
  • Sree & Irena Yalamanchili
  • Jason & Danielle Youngblood (Kayla, Kendra)


  • Chapel Mission India


  • That we would be devoted to thanksgiving and praise to our Lord–for what He has done, for what He is doing, for what He will do, and for who He is–in good times and bad.

Community: Pray for the poor & imprisoned

  • Salvation
  • That they will trust in God’s provision
  • For sound financial management by city officials
  • That they will have hope
  • For godly mentors in the prison/jail system



Question #18: Will God allow our disobedience and idolatry to go unpunished?

Children’s Answer: No, God is righteously angry with our sins and will punish them both in this life, and in the life to come.

Adult’s Answer: No, every sin is against the sovereignty, holiness, and goodness of God, and against His righteous law, and God is righteously angry with our sins and will punish them in His just judgment both in this life, and in the life to come.

Memory Verse

Ephesians 5:5-6 (HCSB)

For know and recognize this: Every sexually immoral or impure or greedy person, who is an idolater, does not have an inheritance in the kingdom of the Messiah and of God. Let no one deceive you with empty arguments, for God’s wrath is coming on the disobedient because of these things.

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